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About Author Nancy L. Reed

My first writing attempt, at the age of four, was a soup-and-sandwich cafe menu. A love of words grew from that time. I wrote poetry during my elementary and high school years resulting in two chapbooks. Numerous short stories and the beginnings of two novels blossomed from the heady days of writing fiction during college. After college I took a variety of writing classes and workshops to further fuel my passion.

My lifelong relationship with words has brought me here — a book of short stories, a collection of memory snippets, and a gift book of poems and songs about dogs. A second book of memory snippets, a second dog-grr-el book, and a children's book in poetic form will be published in 2016, with a novel following soon after.

The power of words to describe the world we live in and those worlds we’ve never seen, to celebrate people we know and those we’ve never met, and to share our thoughts and feelings as well as focus our futures is a gift we give ourselves and others. Enjoy your words.

Nancy L Reed, Author

Nancy L. (Nan) Reed’s love of words inspires her to write short stories, novels, memory snippets, scripts, poetry, and blog posts. She calls Colorado the perfect place to live and is Musing at about writing, designing a tiny house specifically for a wordsmith, and other subjects bizarre and intriguing. She encourages everyone with words to share to put pen to paper. Her books include A Short Story Olio, Dog-grr-el: canine cadence, hound haiku, puppy poetry, Dog-grr-el: canine conundrums, hound hankerings, puppy puzzlers, Questions: so many questions, and Conversations Between Two Great Friends.

Visit Nan at for announcements of her current and upcoming publications. She appreciates reviews and invites readers to post them online wherever her books are sold.