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My first writing attempt, at the age of four, was a soup-and-sandwich cafe menu. A love of words grew from that time. I wrote poetry during my elementary and high school years resulting in two chapbooks. Numerous short stories and the beginnings of two novels blossomed from the heady days of writing fiction during college. After college I took a variety of writing classes and workshops to further fuel my passion.

My lifelong relationship with words has brought me here — a book of short stories, a collection of memory snippets, and a gift book of poems and songs about dogs. A second book of memory snippets, a second dog-grr-el book, and a children's book in poetic form will be published in 2016, with a novel following soon after.

The power of words to describe the world we live in and those worlds we’ve never seen, to celebrate people we know and those we’ve never met, and to share our thoughts and feelings as well as focus our futures is a gift we give ourselves and others. Enjoy your words.

Recent Publications


July 2017

July 2017

Conversations Between Two Great Friends

Conversations Between Two Great Friends presents the heart-to-hearts between two ladies of a certain age. The tenor of their discussions ranges from happy to sad, giddy to serious, philosophical to scientific. Their favorite coffee house waitperson, mysteriously mute, and a grieving ghost punctuate their conversations. Spanning from Christmas to Christmas, the reader eavesdrops on the private chats of the friends who reflect both Victorian sensibilities and twenty-first century attitudes. Nancy L. (Nan) Reed relishes the conversations with friends that inspired these fictionalized chats. Enthused and stimulated by her own tête-à-têtes, she finds they kindle an ongoing interest and involvement with life and people.

November 2016

Dog-grr-el: canine conundrums, hound hankerings, puppy puzzlers

Nancy L. (Nan) Reed’s second Dog-grr-el book offers readers glimpses into the world of the human-canine bond and provides thoughtful, gleeful, and interactive experiences. There are pups on the hunt and on the road, poems about how dogs enhance their owners’ lives, and a cadence to march to. For the individual or the family, it's a book for dog lovers of all ages. The creative, colorful illustrations by Jennifer Schafer bring the words to life. An enjoyable read and an excellent addition to any library. A portion of sales from the book is donated to animal rescue groups.

May 2016

Questions: so many questions

This delightfully illustrated book encourages readers young and old to delve for answers to their endless questions. An enjoyable quest for the individual seeker of answers or for a partnership of curious minds.

November 2015

Dog-grr-el: canine cadence, hound haiku, puppy poetry 

Dog-grr-el: canine cadence, hound haiku, puppy poetry appeals to dog lovers of all ages. Delightful and caring poems and haiku are intermingled with songs to sing and a rhyme to march to. They feature cave-dwelling dogs, a canine coat of arms, howling hounds, and a tribute to the fire hydrant. This book is an excellent addition to any library and a great gift for dog lovers. A portion of sales from the book is donated to animal rescue groups.

April 2015

A Short Story Olio

A Short Story Olio contains stories related to a range of human experiences – a woman buys an old store to house a secret project, a young man is haunted by a frightening image, a friend finds hope coping with a tragic situation, and an airline passenger loses his battle to calm a hysterical traveler. Readers will experience joy, wonder, sorrow, and humor as they enjoy the collection.

June 2016

Words Left Behind: tales from a life gladly lived

Words Left Behind: tales from a life gladly lived relates the author’s humorous encounters with famous and infamous folks, remembrances of picking grapes in a Rocky Mountain blizzard, a startling encounter with a puma, and a mysterious visit from a ghost dog.

Upcoming Publications

Satellite Cooking – main meals with spin-off recipes. (2019).

The Ages and Stages of One Woman’s Poetry – from childhood imagination to teen angst to adult contemplation to senior serendipity. (2019).